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Investigation on production and operation situation and order status of China silicon steel mills

Investigation on production and operation situation and order status of China silicon steel mills

  From the perspective of steel mill production, the planned production of non-oriented silicon steel in 14 domestic silicon steel mills in July was 640,000 tons, an increase of 11,000 tons. The average daily output is 20,600 tons, a decrease of 0.04 million tons from the previous month. The average market price of the mainstream market price of the 50WW800 brand in Shanghai market was about 5,205 yuan/ton at the end of June, which was about 228 yuan/ton from the end of last month. In June, the silicon steel market was weak and stable, and the steel mills introduced a July futures price policy of 100 yuan/ton. In terms of steel mill production, there are still some steel mills in the state-owned factories that have been repaired and reduced production. For example, Shougang, Angang, and private plants are relatively full in July. Due to the recent rise in the overall steel market, private factories have resumed production and low-cost resources have also been raised.

  Production Changes of Major Silicon Steel Mills (10,000 Tons)

  Production Plan and Order Status Of Major Silicon Steel Mills

Investigation on the production orders of non-oriented silicon steel
Month Factory Planned production Steel mill orders and production in July
July contract domestic sales order ** 9 100% The Dongshan base has been slightly reduced, and the order is still acceptable.
** 10 90% Production is normal, orders are still available
** 6.5 100% The mill has overhaul, affecting 10,000 tons, and the order is full.
** 8.5 80% Production is normal, orders are still available
** 0.5 100% Rolling line maintenance, single order
** 3 100% Production line maintenance, affecting 10,000 tons, receiving orders
** 7.5 100% The output is slightly increased, and the order is full.
** 1.6 100% Due to the unstable supply of silicon steel base materials, depending on the situation, the order is full.
** 1.1 100% Production is normal, the order is full
** 6 100% The old line returned to normal, the new line output 2, the order was full
** 4.2 100% High grade production increased slightly, and the order was full.
** 1.3 100% Normal production, order full
** 1.8 100% One line is normally produced, and the order is full.
** 3 100% Normal production, order full

Summary: From the above-mentioned steel mill production plan and order taking situation, the steel mill's scheduling has not changed much, and it is still the state-owned big factory in overhaul. The private factory's production enthusiasm has recovered in July, and the price has been raised at the end of the month. Steel mills have many preferential policies in July, and the enthusiasm of merchants to get goods has improved, but it still hangs up with the market. The terminal purchases are still on-demand purchases this month, and there has not been any increase. The pressure on orders from steel mills is still there.

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