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Steel mills in January have quite the price of steel prices in the future may not rise up easily fal

Steel mills in January have quite the price of steel prices in the future may not rise up easily fal

Guofeng Iron and Steel Company announced on December 19 2018 Volume C material guidance price, 1010mm SPHC material guide price of 4700 yuan / ton tax. The same time,  the proportion of heavy volume in accordance with the implementation of 70%. According to statistics, this price has been the highest position in two years.
In the recent two days, the leading steel mills have also introduced the price policy in January 2018. Taking hot rolled products as an example, Shougang raised 100 yuan / ton, Baosteel raised 120 yuan / ton, Anshan Iron and Steel increased 150 yuan / ton , Wuhan Iron and Steel increased 170 yuan / ton. Steel mills rose more than 80 to 150 yuan per tonne. It can be seen that, for the future market price movements, steel mills more confidence, quite willing to price.
According to the CISA statistics, in the first ten days of December 2017, 101 key monitoring steelmakers (group caliber) produced a total of 17.2891 million tons of crude steel, 15.491 million tons of pig iron, 16.662 million tons of steel and 3.1854 million tons of coke. The daily output and increase and decrease over the previous ten days were: 1,728,900 tons of crude steel and a decrease of 15,700 tons, a decrease of 0.90%; 1,549,100 tons of pig iron and a reduction of 28,200 tons or 1.79%; 1.6062 million tons of steel, 63,500 tons, a decrease of 3.80%; coking 318,500 tons, an increase of 13,300 tons, an increase of 0.42%.
In addition, the stock market has been in a continuous decline of channels, Boxing and North China's cold rolled stock social inventory has also been low. Analysts believe that the current bottom of the market price support is still very strong, the future market price is still easy to rise up and down.
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Source: China Securities Network

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