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The role of nickel, molybdenum and vanadium elements in steel

The role of nickel, molybdenum and vanadium elements in steel

The role of nickel in steel

1. It can improve the strength of steel without significantly reducing its plasticity;

2. Improve the low temperature toughness of steel;

3. Improve the workability and weldability of steel;

4. Improve the corrosion resistance of steel, acid, alkali, atmoSPHEre, etc.;

5. Improve the hardenability of steel.

The role of molybdenum in steel

1. Improve the strength, ductility and wear resistance of steel, and improve the toughness of steel;

2. Improve the thermal strength of steel;

3. It generally improves the corrosion resistance of steel and can also passivate the steel, but the effect is not as good as that of chromium;

4. Special carbides are formed in steel to improve the corrosion resistance of steel under high temperature and high pressure;

5. Improve the hardenability and tempering stability of steel and prevent tempering brittleness.

The role of vanadium in steel

1. Refine the structure and grain of the steel, increase the grain coarsening temperature, thereby reducing the overheating sensitivity of the steel;

2. Dissolve into austenite at high temperature to improve the hardenability of steel;

3. Increase the tempering stability and produce a secondary hardening effect (precipitation of dispersed V4C3);

4. Increase the wear resistance and hot red hardness of the steel in the tool steel, and improve the strength, elasticity and toughness of the steel;

5. Significantly improve the weldability of low-alloy steel, because vanadium can refine the as-cast structure of the weld, reduce the overheating sensitivity of the heat-affected zone, and prevent coarse grains near the heat-affected zone.

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