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Q345C steel composition

Q345C steel composition

Q345C steel plate refers to high strength, especially in the normalizing or normalizing and tempering state, it has high comprehensive mechanical properties. Q345C steel plate is a kind of weldable low-carbon engineering structural material, which is generally produced by continuous rolling mill.
Chemical composition of Q345C steel:
C: ≤0.20, Si: ≤0.50, Mn: ≤1.70, P: ≤0.030, S: ≤0.030, NB: ≤0.070, V: ≤0.15, Ti: ≤0.20, Cr: ≤0.30, Ni: ≤0.50, Cu: ≤0.30, N: ≤0.012, Mo: ≤0.10

Q345C steel's carbon content is less than 0.25%, mainly relying on the solid solution of alloying elements (Mn, Si, Al, Cr, etc.), grain refinement (Nb, V, Ti, etc.), precipitation hardening (Nb, V, Ti, etc.) , Phase transformation strengthening (Mn, Si, Mo, etc.) and controlled rolling, controlled cooling and other new processes and new technologies, so that the yield strength of Q345C steel plate is σ0.2=300~800MPa, the yield ratio is 0.65~0.95. Q345C steel has very good processing formability and welding performance, as well as excellent low temperature toughness.
Executive standard: GB/T1591-2008, GB/T3274-2007
Product Name: Low Alloy Steel Plate
Delivery status: hot rolled or normalized + tempered, the specific delivery status is indicated in the product quality certificate.

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