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Q235NHC steel meaning

Q235NHC steel meaning

GB/T 4171 Q235NHC steel meaning
Q-the first letter of the Chinese pinyin of "qu" in the yield strength;
235——The lower limit of the lower yield strength of steel, in MPa;
NH——respectively the first letter of the Chinese pinyin of the characters "Nai" and "hou";
C-quality level.
Q235NHC weathering steel size and delivery condition
Q235NH steel plate executive standard: GB/T 4171-2008.
The size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of Q235NHC steel plate are as follows: GB/T 709.
Smelting method: Q235NHC is smelted by converter or electric furnace, and it is killed steel. Delivery status: delivery in hot rolled, controlled rolled or normalized state.
Q235NHC steel plate adds alloying elements:
Weathering steel adds a small amount of alloying elements such as Cu, P, Cr, Ni, etc. to form a protective layer on the surface of the metal substrate to improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the steel. Q235NH steel belongs to welded weathering steel, which is widely used in vehicles, bridges, containers, buildings or other structural parts. Compared with high weathering steel, it has better welding performance.
Q235NHC steel plate application range:
Q235NHC weathering steel is mainly used for steel structures exposed to the atmosphere for a long time, such as railways, vehicles, bridges, towers, photovoltaics, and high-speed projects. It is used to manufacture structural parts such as containers, railway vehicles, oil derricks, seaport buildings, oil production platforms, and containers containing hydrogen sulfide corrosive medium in chemical and petroleum equipment.

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