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Chemical composition of Q345B Vs Q345D steel

Chemical composition of Q345B Vs Q345D steel

The Q345D steel grade low alloy steel plate is composed of three parts: Chinese spelling letter representing yield strength, yield strength value, and quality grade symbol. Among them: the first letter of Chinese pinyin of “yin” of Q—steel yield strength; 345—yield strength Value, unit MPa; D—quality grade is D grade (grade is divided into A, B, C, D, E)

Q345B steel plate impact test: test temperature: 20 ℃: greater than 34.
Q345D steel plate impact test:: -20 ℃: ≥34.

Chemical composition of Q345B steel plate

C: ≤0.20%, Si≤0.50%, Mn: ≤1.70%, P≤0.035%, S: ≤0.035%, Nb≤0.07%, V: ≤0.15%, Ti≤0.20%, Cr≤0.30%, Ni : ≤0.50%, Cu: ≤0.30%, N: ≤0.012%, Mo: ≤0.10%
Chemical composition of Q345D steel plate:
C: ≤0.18; Si: ≤0.50; Mn: ≤1.70; P: ≤0.030; S: ≤0.025; Nb: ≤0.07; V: ≤0.15; Ti: ≤0.20; Cr: ≤0.30; Ni: ≤0.50; Cu: ≤0.30; N: ≤0.012; Mo: ≤0.10; Als: ≥0.015.
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