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International steel has entered the era of "big Mac"?

International steel has entered the era of


According to relevant media reports, German industrial giant ThyssenKrupp officially signed an agreement with Tata Steel, a subsidiary of India-based Tata Group, to merge the two steel businesses in Europe and establish a 50% stake in each of the two companies. Joint venture. The joint venture, named ThyssenKruppata Steel, will be the second largest steel company in Europe, second only to ArcelorMittal.

From the merger of Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal to the merger of Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel to build Baowu Group, and now the ThyssenKrupp Group and Tata Steel “hand in hand”, the global steel industry is gradually moving from decentralization to concentration. In the future, the “integration wave” will sweep the global steel industry.

What is the merger and restructuring?

The “joining” between Tata Steel and ThyssenKrupp Group should be the result of “free love”. The combination of the two, on the one hand, satisfies the ambition of Tata Steel to expand the steel territory, and on the other hand, the ThyssenKrupp Group, which is gradually divesting its steelmaking business, will focus more on high value-added, high-profit industries. Products and new technology products. Both parties can effectively promote the coordinated development of industrial chain resources through resource integration, thereby maximizing the resource aggregation effect.

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