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St52-3 Structural Steel

St52-3 Structural Steel

St52-3 Structural Steel

The newest St52-3 material number is 1.0570, which has substituted the old material number 1.0841.
St52-3 structural steels are mainly characterized by their tensile strength and yield strength. Moreover, St52-3 structural steel chemical compositions include C ≤ 0.20, Si ≤ 0.50, P ≤ 0.040, S ≤ 0.040.
St52-3 is a material under German steel standard DIN17100, St52-3 steel material brand is characterized by the letter ' St ' and specific quality index compositions, St52-3 steel material have its own specific deoxidation method and the special used St52-3 is often characterized by the corresponding logo (U or R) in front of a special purpose using steel, such as: USt52-3 or RRSt37-2.
St52-3 structural steel is equivalent to Chinese steel brands Q345, and St52-3 structural steel is widely used in civil construction, underground engineering, bridge structure, marine structure, container manufacturing and manufacturing all kinds of construction machinery, such as mines and various types Construction rigs, shovels, electric wheel dumpers, mining vehicles, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, all kinds of cranes, coal mine hydraulic support and other mechanical equipment and other structural parts.
Shanghai Katalor keep a big amount of 50,000 tons St52-3 structural steel ex-stock every month. We offer the solutions all over the world to meet your esteemed every requirements of St52-3 structural steel. Based on the 50,000 ton St52-3 structural steel inventory, our competitive industries are extended to steel processes such as drilling (any size and any shape), welding, milling, machining and steel construction. For more information about St52-3 structural steels, please feel free to contact us.


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